Saturday, September 10, 2011

No Peas For Me, Thankyou.

The most obvious reason we put things off is we hate doing them.
Imagine that, and all this time I thought it was a poor work ethic that kept me from scrubbing the shower.

There are tasks we all must do, but not many fall under that category.
Most dirty jobs can be delegated, simplified or hired out.

The shower needs cleaning, but am I the only one who can do it?
Could I pay someone?
I deserve a clean shower.
And I deserve to delegate or pay someone to do the jobs I hate.

 Questions to ask:
Does this really need to be done?
Does it have to be done by me?

Often the answer to both is no.
We've gotten into the habit of handling things ourselves.
We think it's our duty.
That we should load the dishwasher, scrub the floor, make those calls, etc....
Women are like that. We have trouble delegating.
Sorry, but it's true.
Men are better at this.

Do you suffer from a parental voice in your head telling you to eat your peas like a good girl,
but you hate peas?
Do you then stuff a few of the offensive green orbs into your mouth and gag before you swallow?

Okay, I happen to like peas.
But where in your life are you choking on things you hate?

Is it scrubbing the shower, the manuscript you need to edit, or confronting a relative?


Not another figurative pea passes your sultry lips.
Own up to what you dislike doing and stop swallowing it down.

Mom is no longer standing at your side prodding you to eat your veggies or there will be no dessert.
You're a grown up.
You can have chocolate cake for breakfast if you want.
I like mine with ice cream.

Stop procrastinating. Don't glare at the peas as if they're bad.
They're just peas.
Feed them to the dog, toss them in the trash or give them to your sister who loves peas.
You have choices.

Continuing to do what you hate, when you have the power to delegate, pay someone, or just decide the task isn't worth doing at all, is self abuse.
Most people don't enjoy pain.
If you hate peas, stop eating them.

Stop making your life miserable by doing the things you despise.

This week, take your journal and jot down three things you procrastinate,
because you find the task unpleasant.
Okay, no procrastinating the list.

Have the list?
Now come up with three ways to handle the job without you doing it.

Put at least one of these into action this week.
Write how you feel.
More powerful?
In control?
I hope not guilty.
You are not bad for disliking peas.

Let me know how you do.
Comments always welcome.



  1. I read some great advice in a column titled "Eat a Frog for Breakfast." The author said to get that dreaded chore (eating the frog -- or peas) over first and then you have the rest of the day to do things you enjoy.
    Of course, that's if you can't pay someone else to eat it!
    Came home from Carolina Romance Writers meeting yesterday and my husband proudly told me he'd swept all the floors -- a chore I had been putting off until Monday. Gotta love that guy.

  2. Sometimes I think the toilet is easier than the tub. But, also...I do agree. If something is broke, we hire someone to fix it -its a waste to complain and ignore. If you need an hour of writing, pass off the vacuuming, and you've given yourself more time.Every job you give to someone else removes another link in your restricting chain.

  3. Sandy, your two questions are key. Unfortunately, all too often the task in question does need to be done, and in many cases, it won't get done unless I do it. In those cases, we need to ask a third question: What's the consequence if it doesn't get done? In the case of laundry, we won't have clean clothes to wear. Paying someone isn't an option, because that involves taking the laundry somewhere, which is almost as much trouble as doing it myself! And no, if I don't do it, it doesn't get done. Luckily, I don't mind doing laundry. Ironing is another story. That usually just doesn't get done, and my clothes might be a little wrinkled. :) Thanks for another great post!

  4. And then there are the things we put off doing because we are intimidated by the fact we aren't sure how to do it or afraid we won't do it well. Again, if you can't delegate to someone else or hire out for help, you are better off tackling it first and getting it out of the way. Usually, once tackled, I'm surprised that it wasn't as bad as I originally thought.

  5. If your shoes remain on your feet when you cross the kitchen floor it's still clean. Used to be clean freak and realized life is too short to spend it chasing dust. Unfortunately, I can't afford a housekeeper & it would be a toss up anyway whether I'd want a maid or a chef. However, I've learned to say "no" without hesitation which feels as good as squeaky clean windows!

  6. Your comment about men being better at delegating made me think of a friend. Every time I read one of his Facebook posts I crack up. My hubby is convinced he's got a book he pulls his statuses from...I doubt it- but maybe he does. Either way he's funny. This week he posted one that fits your post, however. "Men wouldn't mind cleaning nearly as much if spray bottles came with a laser sound." Do I offer a toy when I give the family a household chore so I don't need to do it all? I asked (grown) dd to deep clean the upstairs bathroom. A month ago. I guess that's my chore to do today because I can't stand it any longer. What sound effect will get her motivated- since "bitchy mother" didn't seem to do the trick- I wonder? Sometimes it 'is' easier to do it myself. At least it gets done. I like peas, too.