Monday, May 9, 2011

What do writing and shoes have in common?

I've been a massage therapist for 16 years, a life coach for 5, and just today clued into using those skills for my writing. I know, it's the old, the shoemaker's kids run barefoot, mentality.  Today, I'm getting shoes, or at least looking for the right pair.

 I invite you to join me for your own soft loafers or sleek pumps, what ever works. The first step is to have a journal. It can be on your computer, a wire ring notebook or one you pick up specifically for the purpose. Writing goals makes things happen. It draws energy, and links your creative self, your mind, and purpose. When you put something into words, you've begun the blue-print for realization of your desire. This is true in every aspect of life, not just writing.

This week, start the journal. Since this blog focuses on writing, we'll assume you want to be a successful published author, and be happy doing it. That's my goal. Now for step one.

Dump the Junk.

List 25 things that suck your energy,  things that don't work, need repair or annoy you.  This includes people and relationships. Yes, the leaky faucet or negative critique group are affecting your writing. Stop and write the list.

 Next, work on eliminating the biggest irritant. Sometimes this may take time and that's okay.
The important thing is movement.  Ultimately, we want to eliminate as much as possible that stands in the way of the goal of being a happy published author. When we pick off one item, we go on to another.  Journal how you feel and how clearing the junk affects your productivity and creativity.

I'll be sharing my progress next week. Please comment on your own success.


  1. Hey cool Idea! I couldn't come up with 25 things, only because i would think about them in terms of (how can I rid myself of these things?)... there are too many time/energy suckers that I just can't get away from... BUT, I did get a few in here, and I'm excited to clean house!

  2. This is great, Sandy. I've been doing this for years. But until I got my list into a sweet little "To Do" app, I just wasn't making the progress I wanted. This list just got longer. Now I get to check the items off, feel that sense of accomplishment. I really love the idea of putting those feeling into the journal and reinforcing the behavior.

  3. The list felt daunting. Things I hadn't finished, things I couldn't do anything about, and things I regretted. Looking forward to the next posts helping me "fix" my list/life. Thanks Sandy.

  4. What a great idea Sandy. I can mentally think of a hundred irritants. I can also think of a hundred reasons (each) why I can't dump them. I need to work on saying 'no', which hubby has told me since we got married 27 years ago.

  5. (Writing goals makes things happen. It draws energy, and links your creative self, your mind, and purpose. When you put something into words, you've begun the blue-print for realization of your desire.)
    I love that. I'm going to write down my #1 writing goal for today and tape if above my computer. =)

  6. I like the idea of dumping the junk. It forces you to have your goal clearly marked in front of you. The more you focus on the thing you want, the more you automatically and subconsciously make choices that lead you to your goal and ultimate success. I haven't, but will make my list of things to dump.

  7. Great to see so many comments. Try not to think about the list too much, just write it. A time limit helps. Thought makes it easy to edit. No editing.
    It's on your list for a reason.
    If you have twenty five, go for more. If you make it to 50, it's the last 5 that really need to go.

  8. I've been dumping junk for years. That's why the bed isn't made and the dishes are unwashed in the sink -- I'm too busy, I'm writing! (Of course the chores get done after I reach my daily writing goal)

  9. Sandy, thanks for the great challenge, now that I'm back from the USNS Comfort and girls camp I need to find my muse and I think this is just the exercise for me.