Monday, May 2, 2011

Are writing retreats worth it?

The idea of a writing retreat didn't entice me. In part, because I'm a recluse that wanted to hold up, put pen to paper, and not be called upon to interact with humanity. The other aspect, is my fear of being non-productive, page counts, chapter goals ever looming in my head.

I just returned from a retreat. And can we say--wrong?
I admit I worked under a fallacy. My ever diligent critique partner perused two of my chapters and I had time to rewrite. That's productive. More important, were the deep connections I formed with fellow writers. Friends for life comes to mind.

Are retreats worth it?
I'd have to give a resounding, yes.
Value comes in many forms, support and camaraderie are among the greatest.

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  2. I was so glad to have met you there! I hope we get to connect at every new retreat and conference we go to. I'm keeping up with you for sure. You're a fascinating woman!

  3. Same here.
    It's the best part of retreats.