Sunday, May 15, 2011

Help! I'm addicted.

And I'm not just referring to writing. But before we get into that, I wanted to finish up with last weeks work of dumping the junk.
I had my list of 25 and then some. I replaced burned out light bulbs, cleaned out a cupboard, and looked into writing activities that turned out to be more activity than writing. Yep, I had things to dump, and I feel clearer, more energized after doing it. Who knew tossing junk mail could be so invigorating? Getting rid of things that don't work, makes room for the things that do.
Now that we have more energy, and space for good things to come our way, it's a smart idea to plug energy leaks.
That's our new topic. Addictions. The obvious ones that suck time and let our precious income run down the drain are smoking, drugs, and gambling. If you don't indulge in any of those, all the better, but there are other versions. Hours spent watching television, visiting on social media, caffeine or the insidious sweet treats we consume before we're willing to tackle the hard work of writing and life.  All possible addictions.
What makes something an addiction? An emotional or physical attachment that takes importance over our goals and happiness. We believe we need them, but don't. An hour watching your favorite show to unwind is fine. Four hours in front of the TV is addiction.  What else could be accomplished in those hours? Outlining chapters, writing, bonding with our kids, exercise, making love. Addiction slows our progress and lets us hide from life. Writers can't afford to hide. Emotional honesty is the foundation to great writing and living. Choose to live!
Write down three of your addictions. You know what they are. Tackle one. Some take weeks, others years to overcome. The time doesn't matter, it's the baby steps that put you in control, and not an exterior thing. You have the power, own it.
Jot down your results and feelings in your journal. I'll be tackling caffeine, sigh. Please feel free to comment and share your progress. What leak are you ready to plug to gain success?


  1. Caffeine sounds like a good one to me. I could use a quick ten pound drop.

    And you're not addicted to throwing things out, Sandy. You've just got a bad case of the spring cleaning virus. It should settle down when summer hits.

    Nurse Lesli

  2. I'm kicking and screaming over this one, Sandy. I'll see what I can accomplish. Thanks!

  3. You are so right -- we all have something that we let take precedence over writing. I'm not admitting mine, but I am trying to kick the habit. Good blog.

  4. Hey Sandy,
    I just returned from the USNS Comfort and love that you are blogging. I plan to write about my adventures in my blog as well. The naval ship was an amazing place to get ideas for my suspence/medical fiction. And writing my blog should get the juices flowing. ( Miss you and Clancy. Lisa

  5. Guilt trips. That's what your blog is! Aack! Caffeine? Then I'd have to add chocolate and innocent lives could be at stake. My biggest drainer that keeps my procrastination monster fed...the internet. Good blog, girl. Off to journal my three!

  6. I'm definitely an email junkie. I love checking my email 20 times a day, especially when I can't think of the next sentence to write in my ms.

  7. Hey, I never said it would be easy, just worth it. You girls are a hoot. Glad to see deprivation hasn't spoiled your mood or creativity.
    Next week will be kinder and more fun. Promise.