Sunday, May 22, 2011

A great foundation, and I'm not talking a bra.

Time to congratulate your self for all the hard work. Time for fun. Sing, dance, get a massage, or enjoy your favorite treat. Hard to believe, but fun is part of the program. Now that you've made space for good things, don't leave a vacuum, because if you don't fill it, others will. Isn't that how we ended up short on time and energy in the first place?

 Most of us let things happen to us. That's over. Done.
You get to create the life you want. Thoughtfully choose and reclaim your space. You've all ready cleared the lot for your building. Now it's time to visualize your blueprint for the future.  Once you know what you want, you can start construction with the foundation.

 To build a strong foundation, a great support system is vital. Friends, family, writers groups, your bowling league, what ever feeds your soul. And say no when you need to. No guilt.

Care for your body. It's your most important tool. Think of it as the steel frame. There's no hurry. A true artisan does not rush his work. He does it slowly, but he does it right. Do one thing. Drink more water, meditate, one small thing upon another. Novels are written this way, and so is a life.

What will I be doing? Writing every morning and rewarding this action with a walk. It works for me. So if you call in the a.m., don't be offended when I don't pick up. I'm building my dream.

What action are you taking toward a better life?


  1. Talking to my bestie about what I needed to change - thank you! Writing an essay exploring my feelings and motivations. Loving myself.

  2. It wasn't until I started taking my writing serious, scheduling writing times where I don't answer phones, doors,and try (but fail) to not read emails. I can't expect my family to think of my writing as more than a hobby, if I don't treat it differently. Saying "no" to family is hard because time passes so fast, so still working on "guilt." Great blogs.

  3. I've recently been struggling with my health. I have problems with insomnia, which then affects EVERYTHING. It's awful. But I've recently also decided that my health is important-because it too affects EVERYTHING. So, I'm going to the gym every morning. And I've dropped wheat, gluten, vinegar (which is in SO much) and sugar from my diet. I'm feeling better. Still struggling a bit with sleep, but it's way better than it was. Nice blog. :)

  4. I belong to 3 writers groups and a critique group -- have a supportive husband -- started my walking program again now that it is nice outside -- spend some time in volunteer work -- and relax by -- what else -- reading a good book. I think the key is balance.

  5. Thanks for a great article on an important topic! We're almost the last ones we tend to remember along the route to getting published. I enjoyed reading your blog.

  6. As always, wonderful advice Sandy. I need to walk or do something to generate energy more often. I think I might sleep better and feel more rested when I do sleep.

    One other thing for those of you eliminating certain foods from your diet- acidic foods. This even includes foods you wouldn't expect to be acidic. And if you eat those foods, eat some neutralizing food after, drink water- wait a while before brushing, too, to give the acids a chance to neutralize. Save the teeth.