Monday, August 1, 2011

Life Sucks And Then You Die. Really?

How many times a have you heard that? But is it true?

Take a piece of paper or your journal, and write down at least five things you do in a typical week, ten is even better. Don't edit! The first things that pop into your head.
Have them?

Look the list over and be honest as you cross off everything that were musts, going to work, feeding the kids, taking your medication.

What's left?

Is there anything? 
Did it dwindle down to one?

What remained are your real choices, things you did because you wanted to, with no gun to your head or boss standing over you. If you made a list of ten, then three of those needed to be activities you enjoy. They feed your soul or move you closer to your dream.

If you knew you had five years left to live, would you spend your time doing the same things?
I'll bet the answer is no.
We all have tasks we must accomplish. But have you also made time for the things that matter to you personally, things you love?

On the same paper, jot another list, at least five items.
What do you want to do before you die? Your bucket list.
Who wants to think about death?
That's not what this is about.
You're focusing on living--really living your life.
Doing that demands time and planning. You deserve a plan that moves you toward your dreams.

Make your list, and again, don't edit.
If you want to do it, put it on the page.
Do you have your five or ten? I'll wait.

What would be the easiest to accomplish?
I'm not saying it's easy, just that it carries less hurdles. Got it?
Put that at the top of your what I do list.
Writing it down as a priority is the first step in making it reality.
It now has power.

On another page,  jot at least one thing you will do this week to make that happen.
You are making a commitment to your life. It's serious, take it that way.
Say no to stuff that stands in your way. You likely aren't the only one who can load the dishwasher.

If you want to run a marathon, then buy a good pair of running shoes.
If your dream is to tour Italy, open a saving account dedicated to the trip, and set up an automatic transfer to build it.
If you have a burning desire to write that novel? Join a writing group.

Add another action each week that moves you toward that goal.
As you accomplish these small tasks, you'll feel energized, more creative, happier.
You'll feel alive!

Little steps matter. Once you've climbed your mountain or done the Iron Man Competition, move to another item on your list.
Nothing changes in life if you continue to do the same things.

Commit now to your life. Do it!


  1. "Nothing changes in life if you continue to do the same thing". I love that! And I try to live my life that way, you know? If we continue to do the same thing and get the exact same results, then we have to try something else in order to reach our goal. Thanks for an inspiring post.

  2. Thanks Sandy. We have to remember to put those reasons forward to fulfill our 'Bucket List' or goals. Attitude, energy and that little word 'no'.
    I'm should be my only reason.

  3. One thing that's always on my list: making lists. I think that is one of the things I do for me. It's like throwing things out into the Universe and bringing it into being.

    I'll do anything if it's on a list. ;)

  4. Great exercise! I felt pretty good about this one since 4 of my 10 items were feed-my-soul activities. And I already have my bucket list - which I call my 40 After 40 (years, that is). I'm working my way through bit by bit. Life is what you make of it and how you react to what happens to you! Love the encouragement, Sandy!

  5. I love this post Sandy. As a rule I never make list. I hate them. I feel like I am check marking off my life. But at the same time there is something to be said for making a list.

    It keeps your organized, scattered thoughts come together and a purpose materializes before your eyes.

    After reading your post, I found that my lists kept containing the same three things. I want to write. I want to be published and I want a long and loving life with my husband.

    Not necessarily in that order. ;-) Somehow in my not wanting to make a list, I had made one already in my head.

    Thanks for all the positive, empowering feedback you give to us. We really enjoy it and take it well under advisement.

  6. Lists scare me. It's visual proof of failure if I don't accomplish the tasks I've written. Too much pressure! However a few years back I was told to write 3 things I wanted, paying attention to specific details. One was for 6 mos, second for 1 yr, and the last before 5 yrs. The list was to be put in a place where you saw it every day. At the end of 5 years, everything on my list I had or accomplished...and by the time specified.

  7. Great blog, Sandy. I am a list maker from way back so this speaks to me. :)

  8. Seeing our activities on a list really shows how much we feel we 'have' to do opposed to what we'd like to do. Great post. Putting 'wants' on a to-do list helps make the 'must do' that much easier.

  9. Love the blog, Sandy. I'm a big time list maker and with everything going on in my life right now, this lesson really helped me focus on my goals.

    Jenny Kearl

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