Sunday, July 24, 2011

I Had No Idea!

This week we're going to have some fun. Time for a few psychological games to recharge your engines.
How we view things is reflected in our choices. Let's find out what view you take.

First: Get a piece of paper and pen, or better yet, your journal. I'll wait. Smile.
Don't try this series of exercises without it. Have your paper and pen? Good.
Answer this question: What is your favorite color? Yeah, the one that first popped in your head.
Write it down.
Now write down three (3) verbs about this color. Yes-verbs. Action, doing words. Got them?

Next section: Visualize yourself looking through a doorway into an empty white room. No furniture, pictures, nothing. List three words that describe your feelings about the room. Great.

This is the last part. What is your favorite animal?
The first one that popped into your head. Don't edit your choice.
Jot that on the page. Now add the three (3) attributes you connect with this animal. Don't over-think.
Have you finished? Only move on if you've completed all 3 areas or you'll miss out.

In the first exercise you chose a color. This represents you. The words you chose describe how you see yourself. This is a huge window to your self-esteem, your talents and challenges.
No judgement, please.

Next: The empty white room. This represents your feelings about death. It may be a surprise. One man responded with the word castrated. 

The last was your favorite animal. This represents your mate or partner. The words you chose signify your significant other or how you perceive them. If you currently don't have one, you may have chosen what you want in a mate or your view of that type of relationship.

It's been said that our words define us. Apparently, they do.
That said, none of your answers are wrong. It's just information.
It's where you're at for the moment. Life changes and so do we.
Understanding more about yourself can assist you in moving in a positive direction.

Write down these exercises in your journal, what you've learned and your feelings.
What do you wish to embrace?
What do you want to change?

Hopefully, you now have more of an idea about yourself.


  1. Interesting activity. You realize, of course, that my husband comes off a great deal better than I do so I must request a redo. I thought carefully about my answers and still wonder, what the 'bleep' was I thinking? Fun quiz. Thanks, Sandy.

  2. Uh oh. Death is looking pretty good.
    And no one tell my husband he's an elephant, will you.

    The rest was embarassingly spot on.

    Thanks Sandy!

  3. That was interesting and I pretty much agree with what the answers represented.

    I saw death as being clean. Good to know.

    Thanks, Sandy.

  4. Wow! Color shocked me. I see myself opposite than I thought. Same with spouse. Saw death as "boring." Hmmm. Thanks Sandy. Very enlightening.

  5. The hardest person in the world to get to know is ourselves. Thanks, Sandy.

  6. Interesting...I used the color red...and wrote racy, fast, and stop! I can't figure out what that means...LOL!

  7. Wow, Sandy! What an interesting exercise. For my favorite animal, I thought of my cat, Sammy. I never realized we had so much in common.

  8. Interesting exercise! I love personality quizzes. Apparently, my hubby is sleek, strong, and beautiful - like a panther. Not too bad, eh?

    Thanks for the post!

  9. Hahaha. I may have to link to your post tomorrow and save my answers for a blog post of my own. This was very interesting!

  10. Red? flashes, warms, ignites... Apparently my secret inner self is much more vixen than the girl in the modest cotton skirt and cardigan.

    And my husband purrs? Actually yes, he does!

  11. This was cool. On the first one, I chose Lilac as my color. The word choices were Relax, Think, Imagine. Perhaps this is what I want to be? Because I'm pretty far from relaxed. IRL, I most resemble a hyper chihuahua.

    And I knew I didn't fear death, but I never realized I am afraid it will be boring.

    Great fun. Shared this on twitter.

  12. Glad you all had a good time with this weeks lesson. The answers refer to how you see yourself, perhaps not how you are.
    Thanks for the support.

  13. Yeah! That was totally fun! However, I put down "clean" for the white room and I don't ever see death as very "clean"... lol. At least, it never is if I'm writing it. ;)

    Good exercise!