Monday, March 12, 2012

Let Go Or Be Dragged.

My youngest daughter came up with these wise words,
when talking to someone whining over forced changes in their life.

I confess, I've refused to let go of things at times,
even when hanging on
meant being dragged through prickly pear and brier patch.

Why is that?

Is change so difficult, that we choose intense pain
over potential, all though unknown, bliss?


This blog is one such instance.
I enjoy writing it, but every week pulled at my time.
The readership didn't grow.
I questioned if this had become one of the many announcements
on multiple, writer's loops that go unread.
Not because they aren't good, but due to sheer volume.

Could I change it up and make this more appealing?
It's possible.

How much more time would that take?

Hours away from pounding out pages under that task master, Dr. Wicked,
or editing my current WIP.

Was it worth it?

After being dragged through a row of nasty huckleberry bushes,
I chose change.
Rather than continuing to yank thorns out of my back side,
I've opted to cut back to a monthly post,
until I decide how to revamp this blog.

I'm letting go because it makes sense.

And it feels terrific.

Where in your life is it time to let go?

Comment if you have time.


  1. Good for you. I have some things I need to let go. Let go and let God.

    1. I always love your posts, Sandy.I'm still working on the letting go process:-)

  2. Good advice from a young woman, Sandy. One such instance came for me while revising an ms with a big six publisher. It got to the point I didn't know my own characters or where the story was going. I pulled that story and let the editor know I wouldn't be working on it anymore in that vein. It is now subbed to another smaller publisher, but I feel good that it's the story I WROTE that I subbed to the new pub house.

  3. I've loved your posts, Sandy. I appreciate the messages you share. I truly understand letting go, though. As I venture further into the social network soup, I'm discovering that balance is important. Good luck with letting go. Feel the burden lift and use your extra hours to polish your story. You have gift to share with readers.

  4. Love your blog, Sandy. Don't let it go!

  5. Hi Sandy! I completely understand. I've been feeling so overwhelmed myself. I haven't posted to my blog regularly and I felt guilty at first, but then I decided that writing on my book was so much more important. I try to support my friends blogs. I read and like, but don't always take the time to comment. I retweet and share every time I see one on fb or twitter. I may not be as "johnny on the spot" as I once was, but I do what I can. It will have to be enough. I love your posts. They're so inspirational. Your blog is one I follow regularly because it gives me encouragement and soothes my spirit. But I do understand and support cutting back or whatever changes are best for you. Take care!

  6. Some times you need to let go of something in order to make room for something else. I know, I'm one to talk. I love your blog and the message you send, but I totally understand the need to focus your energies.

  7. I'm probably a little too quick to let go of a lot of things, mostly if I don't see a future in it. I have a harder time holding on.

    But not with writing. I can't believe I lasted as long as I did with Romance Writing. My track record says I should have moved on to writing something else by now. But I didn't. And now I'm being rewarded. I can't imagine the rewards for anything else, besides raising children, could even compare.

  8. And I'll support you monthly, weekly, or hourly, baby. You're great!

  9. I can totally relate, Sandy. I volunteer to do so many things, on top of my day job and my writing, that nothing gets done well. Just last week, however, I took the step of letting one of them go, and it was so freeing that I will let others go too. Good luck!

  10. Hi Sandy, I've been working on the same issue this year and understand that you have to prioritize. Once a month is good, we all look forward to your inspirational posts. So here's hoping you hang on -- just not as hard.

  11. Sandy, I think you made the right choice:) We have to keep our ear to the ground with all these marketing techniques. I've felt for a good while that blogging has peaked and we're being deluged with them. And of course, we all want to support each other, so it makes it difficult. I think once a month is a very reasonable it gives your Muse time to think...and lord knows, they seem to need that!:) (Along with a dollop of chocolate!)

  12. Me too! I'll take you as often as I can get you - once a month or more or less. You're more than just a little wonderful and I love this blog - one of the few I read regular. We all need to do what works for us :)

  13. Thank you! I'm not alone. I hate having to find validation to change things in my life when I already know it's the best route to take. Your blogs are wonderful, Sandy. When you "blog" I'll be here.

  14. Love the blog, just not a big commenter. Being "dragged" in my own current drama while swallowing words like terminal, palliative, hospice etc. Nothing like inoperable cancer of a parent to put all things in perspective. Life is short. Do the things that bring joy into your life and the life of others. I will check back monthly for your words of wisdom.

    1. The support from you lifts me up.
      Thank you for your kind words. Growing up, it wasn't an option to consider my needs.
      Thank you all for reminding me it's all right.