Sunday, January 15, 2012

Let's Get Clear.

Clarity can come from stillness,
that quiet moment when the chatter stops,
the light bulb flashes and you understand.

It can also come from removing yourself from your normal routine.
Anyone working in a creative field needs to recharge and gain perspective.
We all do.
One way is to get away from life and go on retreat.
A place free of your regular demands and schedule.

As a child, we vacationed in the Sequoias in Norther California.
Giant red woods, some over two thousand years in age,
brought a sense of awe to my ten year old mind
reminding me that I wasn't the center of the universe.

Such outings have the power to change our point of view
giving us a creative surge to think outside the box and solve problems.
Write, paint, create.

If you can't take off for a few days and commune with your muse,
then build an oasis at home.
No television or other avoidance or addictive behaviors allowed.
Stop grumbling, it's only for a few days.

Do things different, change it up.
When you get home from work, light candles, take a long bath,
and listen to soothing music.
Watch the stars and reverence the immensity of the universe.
Do something out of the ordinary.

Physical change opens us up to mental change.

Take a new route to work or the store.
Try using your left hand if right handed.
Go to a different restaurant.
Try a unique hobby.

This can take your mind out of it's rut to new horizons.
Each new experience creates new pathways in your brain.
You become smarter, more able to deal with situations in new ways.
You see solutions.
A definite asset for a writer.

The goal is to retreat from the dull and expected
and break into the untried.
Make a point to try something new every day.
It's a mini vacation.
You vacate the norm.

This week create a retreat.
It can be a few days,
it may be at home, on the other side of the world
or just one opportunity that stretches you.
Any and all are good.

Jot your plan and experience in your journal.
Pen how it feels.
Notice how it affects your creativity and attitude. 

Please share your experience with the rest of us.
If commenting is a new activity for you,
then please feel free to express your thoughts here.

As for me,  I'm starting work on a different writing genre.
Pushing boundaries is freeing.

Free yourself.
You can do it!


  1. Love it! It's so important not to fall into a rut but very easy to do. Thanks:-)

  2. In French, the word for vacation is 'diversion'. I plan to divert for a couple of days and hope I don't even recognize myself by the time I get home! Whoot!

  3. Sandy,your blogs always make me think. I appreciate that. Another great one today. :)

  4. Excellent idea. Thank you for the idea. I'm on my way. Good luck with the new genre.

  5. Great insight and exactly what I needed clarified.

  6. Funny, everything you mentioned is recommended for fighting senility as well. Took a new route home from church yesterday and got lost. (Just kidding). Good luck with the new genre, I tried that and it felt like a vacation. Sheer fun.

  7. Walking around the block is one for me. I also find pictures of islands or beaches & save as a background on my computer. When I need a break, I imagine myself there and whatever fruity concoction I need to wet my parched throat. A tropical blend or citrus scented candle also seems to keep my senses alert. Thanks Sandy!

  8. It is nice to break routine. You never know what you may find off the beaten path - some small reward for your exploration :)
    I did that this weekend and my reward was huge. Nice reminder to take note.